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30 Cheap Gifts That Prove You Can Find Great Ideas for Under $20

After all, the best things in life are (almost) free.

laurence king movie genius card game
Laurence King

Having a huge friend group or family is never a bad thing ... until gifting occasions roll around. Of course you want to get everyone something they'll love, but sometimes that isn't financially possible. Rethink your gift-spending budget this year and consider one of these 30 cheap gift ideas that look way more expensive than they really are. That way, you'll get everyone a gift they enjoy, without having to break your budget.

From sentimental photo books, to a luxe tea sampler, and even a cute crossbody bag that can be worn pretty much everywhere, we selected plenty of great options that are the best of both worlds: thoughtful and affordable. Best of all, with all of the money you save, you can even treat yourself to something special. Here are our top cheap gifts under $20 that your recipients (and your wallet) will love.

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Under $5
TONYMOLY I'm Real Honey Nourishing Sheet Mask
TONYMOLY amazon.com

Step up their spa night with this super-cheap gift idea. TONYMOLY's single-use sheet masks are touted for their nice scent and fresh feel, and they aren't super messy to deal with. This honey version is moisturizing and great for sensitive skin. 

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Under $5
‘Calm the F*ck Down: An Irreverent Adult Coloring Book’ by Sasha O’Hara
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform amazon.com

You can't exactly gift them therapy, but with this cheap gift, you can encourage them to relieve some pent-up stress. This hilarious, profanity-filled coloring book that'll help them feel better during hard times.

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Under $5
invisibobble Original Traceless Hair Ties
invisibobble amazon.com

These trendy traceless hair ties won’t leave marks in her hair like traditional elastics will, but it’ll hold her hair up just as well. Her strands will stay perfectly intact, so she can avoid using damaging hot tools the next morning. They come in an array of colors, so you can choose what you think she would like best.

Under $10
Da Bomb “F” Bath Bomb
da Bomb Bath Factory amazon.com

This lavender-scented bath bomb is just the cheap gift that your most high-strung friend needs to chill the F down. And the fun doesn't stop once it fizzes away! It contains a small surprise inside, so you're getting two gifts for the price of one!

Under $10
Knock Knock All Out Of Grocery List Note Pad
Knock Knock amazon.com

With a 4.8-star rating and over 6,500 rave reviews, this note set is a no-fail cheap gift for the most forgetful shopper you know. Those with more specialized diets can take advantage of keto and vegetarian versions, checking off as many grocery items as they wish.

Under $10
Twisted Pearl Velvet Headband
LYDZTION amazon.com

This adorable hair accessory will snazz up boring strands with a knotted velvet top and a surface spotted with pearls. We love the classic vibes of this jewel-toned green, but there are plenty of available colors that'll fit your friend's preferred aesthetic.

Under $10
Senneny Silicone Drinking Straws (Set of Six)
Senneny amazon.com

This is a great cheap gift idea for the friend who's trying to make greener choices with their daily drink purchases. This colorful set of six silicone straws comes with its own cleaning brush and carrying pouch.

Under $10
Mario Badescu Facial Spray
Mario Badescu amazon.com

This cult-favorite facial spray is an outrageously popular cheap gift idea for a reason: It hydrates and refreshes tired skin, instantly giving it a fresh and dewy glow. It also is a nice little pick-me-up during an afternoon slump. Just spritz for a burst of energy!

Under $10
Chateau Spill Red Wine Remover
Emergency Stain Rescue amazon.com

A bottle of vino is a nice gift, but it’s a little blah, don’t you think? This handy red wine stain remover makes for the ideal cheap gift pairing to help prevent inevitable party messes, especially for those who tend to be a bit spill-prone.

Under $10
Mrs. Meyer's Basil Candle
Mrs. Meyer's Home amazon.com

Sure, you could buy a $50 luxury candle somewhere, but this one smells just as good for a fraction of the price. Plus, it's made with soy wax, so you don't have to worry about any chemicals burning into the air. This basil-scented one is great year-round, and it's hard to beat the price at under $10. 

Under $15
Modern Concrete Tube Vase
$8.99 (36% off)

A cheap gift that looks way more expensive than it really is, this modern, concrete vase pairs well with a single stem. It's available in two sizes and three shapes. If they aren't much of a flower person, this would also making an amazing propagation vase. 

Under $10
Bloss Lotus Cotton Swab Holder
Bloss amazon.com

We love countertop organizers that also happen to be adorable. This petite lotus-shaped container sits prettily by their bathroom sink, holding up to 30 cotton swabs at a time. The cover keeps them from getting dusty or gross, which is a must in bathrooms.

Under $10
Slow Brew Sloth Tea Infuser
Fred & Friends amazon.com

This sloth-shaped infuser will be a hit with anyone who steeps loose-leaf tea on the daily. If sloths aren't their thing, you could also opt for a hedgehog, chicken, or koala. They can stash one of these at their work desk and the other in their tea cupboard at home!

Under $10
Tweexy Wearable Nail Polish Bottle Holder
tweexy amazon.com

Give her a helping hand with this wearable nail polish holder that'll make DIY manicures way more manageable. It holds the bottle snuggly, so there's no fear of spillage while she's perfecting her mani. Pair this with some fast-drying nail drops, and you'll have a quick mani kit!

Under $10
VAHDAM Tea Variety Pack
VAHDAM amazon.com
$9.99 (17% off)

If you have a serious tea lover on your hands, set them up for sophisticated sipping with a variety pack of VAHDAM's most popular single-origin and in-house blends. Flavors like sweet cinnamon and turmeric spice will make them feel warm and cozy inside, but the set also has classic flavors like earl gray.

Under $15
Genius Movies Playing Cards
Laurence King Publishing amazon.com

From Go Fish to Gin Rummy, these movies-themed playing cards will make every game even more fun. Each of the included 52 cards features a different movie director or star, so while you won't find a King of Diamonds in the deck, you will find Alfred Hitchcock and Spike Lee. 

Under $15
Cactus Coaster Set
Sirensky amazon.com

Your favorite hostess will flip out over this party-perfect set of six coasters. They'll keep tables free of unsightly water stains, and they stack up like a cactus to add an extra festive touch to any celebration. And, if they aren't great at plant parenting, this is a touch of green without the responsibility.

Under $15
AJNIER 14-in-1 Multitool

You never know when someone will need a wine opener, pair of scissors, or screwdriver, so why not gift them those and 12 other tools? This multitool has 14 different functions, making it a useful and cheap gift. It's a great choice for the outdoorsy person in your life or for anyone who likes to be preemptively prepared.

Under $15
Baggu Standard Reusable Shopping Bag
Baggu amazon.com

Their size is perfect, their designs are cute, and they even fold up to fit in a bag for spur-of-the-moment use. They're super lightweight, so there's no worrying about adding weight to an already heavy load of groceries. BAGGU is a practical gift for eco-friendly recipients who just can't refuse a spontaneous Target run (or the under-$5 section)!

Under $15
We Rate Dogs 2022 Daily Desk Calendar
WeRateDogs amazon.com

If you want a gift that will guarantee a smile every single day, then this calendar is it. Based on the viral Instagram and Twitter accounts @WeRateDogs, each day features a different pup, accompanied by a silly rating of why he or she is such a great doggo.

$15 Deal
100 Things to Do Bucket List Scratch-Off Poster
Gift Republic amazon.com

Your favorite adventure-seeker will get a kick out of this interactive, scratch-off poster. It features 100 must-try activities that are probably already on their figurative bucket list, and every time they do one, they can mark it by scratching it off.

$15 Deal
Project Hive Pet Company Chew Toy

Furry friends deserve a gift under the tree, too! This option comes at a cheap price, but it won't only make your pup happy, it'll also help save the bees. Project Hive Pet Company donates 1% of every purchase to help plant wildflowers, restoring vital habitat for the declining bee population.

The toy also has a spot to put treats in, so it's a great puzzle for furry friends to figure out. 

Under $15
PopSockets PopGrip Lips
beauty amazon.com

Tech gifts can get absurdly expensive, but the PopSocket is a cheap gift and affordable phone accessory that'll please them while keeping extra pennies in your pocket. 

It grips onto the back of their device for easier holding and handling, so selfies and streaming can become more seamless, and a refillable lip balm inside ensures that their mouth always stays moisturized.  

Under $15
Harry's Men's Razor Set
Harry's amazon.com

This unbelievable five-piece shave set offers plenty of value for the price. Your soon-to-be clean-shaven recipient will enjoy several full-sized essentials, including a rich shave gel, razor handle, and a three-pack of razor cartridges — all for just $15!

Under $20
TomCare Hanging Planters
TomCare amazon.com

The plant parents in your life will always appreciate another planter, especially when it's as chic as this woven jute one. This gift comes with two hanging planters, perfect for trailing plants like pothos or philodendrons. If you're feeling extra generous, you could even add a live plant — Amazon sells those, too!

Under $20
Artifact Uprising Softcover Mini Photo Book
Artifact Uprising artifactuprising.com

Who said that cheap gifts can't be sentimental? This customizable mini photo book is a gift they'll cherish for years to come, and it won't cost you a fortune. It'll look great on a coffee table or shelf, and chances are they'll be sharing it with all their friends. 

Under $20
Himalayan Salt Lamp with Dimmer Cord
Spantik amazon.com

Add some zen to their space with this Himalayan salt lamp. Not only does it add a nice warm glow to any room, but they can dim the lamp to their liking, helping set the ambiance in any room. Himalayan salt can also help balance the ions in the air, which can apparently help you sleep better at night. 

Under $20
Dash Mini Waffle Maker
Dash amazon.com

This under-$20 kitchen appliance may seem tiny, but it'll totally change up their breakfast routine. From savory chicken and waffles to equally indulgent sweet treats, the options are truly endless. We're obsessed with this cute leopard print, too — they might even want to keep it out on the counter!

Under $20
Roulens Crossbody Shoulder Bag
Roulens amazon.com

This handy crossbody bag embraces both style and function with several built-in card slots and an expandable pocket to hold a phone, lipstick, keys, and sunnies. 

You'll stay super-organized thanks to all of the compartments. It also comes in 15 colors, so there's no shortage of options.

$20 Deal
iPhone 13 Camera Lens Protector
Casetify casetify.com

If they're lucky enough to have snagged an iPhone 13 before the holidays, then they'll appreciate this camera lens protector. This plastic piece attaches to their iPhone's camera, protecting the lenses from scratches and dust. Because it's clear, it won't obstruct any shots or the flash, and it won't class with any case they choose to put on their phone either. 

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