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31 Diverse Toys for Kids That Embrace Inclusivity and Celebrate Our Differences

Encourage acceptance through play.

peaceable kingdom
Miniland; Peaceable Kingdom

Growing up, my mom bought me a matching game that highlighted inventions created by Black people. Flipping over each tile, I'd discover a product that was created by a person who looked like me. Seeing people of color's impact on the world through so many inventions — like the traffic light and the baby carriage — has stayed with me my entire life.

When white parents make an effort to fill their children's playroom with diverse toys that don't necessarily look like them or represent their own culture, it helps to normalize our differences. For parents who are POC, finding toys that highlight who they are and what they look like helps to reinforce a positive self-image, which can be challenging otherwise.

Children are impressionable, and research has shown that babies as young as 6 months old can recognize differences in skin color and hair textures, which proves that it's never too early to add inclusive toys to the mix. By introducing these toys to your child, you are starting to bridge the gap between who they are and the rest of the world, in turn promoting acceptance and tolerance.

We've rounded up the best multicultural and diverse toys that your children will fall in love with and learn from.

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1 Miniland Family Diversity Blocks Game
Miniland amazon.com

Every family is different. Some have two dads, some have white parents and brown children, and some have one parent and two kids. The combinations are endless. 

Your tot can dive into creating the families that they've seen in their real life, their own family, or a family that they just think up on their own. With 33 wooden pieces, the three-piece characters can be built by stacking the magnetic blocks on top of each other. With a wide selection of races and ethnicities, your child will love creating a diverse family. 

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2 ‘Bao Bao Learns Chinese’ Sound Book
Baby Learns Language amazon.com

Singing and talking board books are a huge hit with kids, and this version sings songs in both Chinese and English. Your kids can start learning a new language, and get a brief introduction to Chinese songs, and have fun while they do it. 

3 South American Animal Figurines
Volnau amazon.com

Animals teach us so much about the world around us. How do we interact with them? Where do they come from? How do animals vary throughout different parts of the world?

This set features animals from South America and could be a wonderful jumping-off point for learning about South and Central American cultures. 

4 Rainbow Gnome Scandinavian
NUOBESTY amazon.com

This is just adorable. Pride has never been cuter than this rainbow gnome. He’s fun, he has a scraggly beard, and he’s clearly gay-affirming. A win all around.

5 Marvel Education Friends with Diverse Abilities
Cre8tive Minds amazon.com

People with disabilities are often forgotten when it comes to dolls and toys. Thankfully, more and more manufacturers today are closing this gap by creating diverse toys that include a full range of disabilities — allowing everyone to be included in playtime. 

6 ‘Naturally Cute Coloring Book’ by Chris Miller

Kids with curls, coils, and waves can celebrate their gorgeous coifs with this 50-page coloring book. There's something infinitely beautiful with the bounty of celebrations of natural hair with this book. 

7 Handmade Organic Rattle Baby Turtle Toy
finchandfolk etsy.com

A stunning baby toy featuring the artwork of the aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples of Australia. Made of cotton, this rattle is soft and inviting, but also stunningly beautiful. 

8 Painless Learning Hebrew Alphabet Placemat
Painless Learning amazon.com

Growing up, you probably had a U.S. presidents and a periodic table placemat. They were all the rage. Somehow, they fell out of fashion, but we're here to bring them back. They're functional and fun, and this one has the Hebrew alphabet emblazoned on its surface. 

9 Pacon SunWorks Multicultural Construction Paper
PACON amazon.com

Much like the multicultural crayons, this set of construction paper comes in brilliant shades of brown, tan, and peach to represent a fuller range of people. Kids should see themselves in art. 

10 I Love My Colors Puzzle
norman and jules normanandjules.com

Reinforce your child's color-recognition skills with this simple but beautiful reversible puzzle set. On one side of the puzzle piece is a happy-faced brown girl in different colorful scenes. 

From a sunflower-adorned background for the color yellow to a giant three-tiered chocolate cake for the color brown, your toddler will have no problem remembering the different hues. 

11 Crayola Large Multicultural Crayons
Crayola kaplanco.com

Help your little artists represent wonderful diverse skin tones in all of their masterpieces with this Crayola Multicultural Crayon pack. With eight different tones that will help them capture more accurate skin colors, the pack also includes a pure white and black crayon to assist with blending. 

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12 Baby Alive Magical Mixer Baby Doll Berry Shake with Blender
Baby Alive amazon.com
$22.49 (15% off)

Let's be honest — your little one is obsessed with baby dolls, and their skin tone is not really a deciding factor. When you diversify your child's growing baby doll collection, you help them build positive associations with differences. This sweet-faced babe will keep your tot on their toes. 

This doll seems especially timely, as it is designed to be fed their “medicine” and has bandages for their booboos. Plus, your kiddo will get a kick out of feeding their Baby Alive their bottle and changing her diaper after she “pees.” It's like having an actual little baby. 

13 Uncle Goose American Sign Language Blocks
Uncle Goose American Sign Language Blocks uncommongoods.com

Approximately 600,000 Americans (including Best Products’ associate parenting editor) are Deaf. These blocks featuring American Sign Language are a fun way to introduce the signing alphabet to your children. 

14 Hijab Doll with Prayer Mat
OAKCreativeDesigns etsy.com

These sweet crocheted dolls wearing traditional Muslim hijab are a lovely way for children to interact with ideas of faith in their pretend play. For children who are Muslim, it allows them to see themselves in the doll; for non-Muslim children, it gives them the ability to center people of other faiths as they play.  

15 Cali's Books: Reggae Songs
Cali's Books amazon.com

Interactive board books are extremely popular for good reason. They actively engage children in the story by giving them an audio and tactile experience alongside the words and pictures. 

This installment of Cali's books transports children to the Caribbean with joyful reggae music and Bob Marley's lyrics on the pages. Each page plays 15 seconds of a song, with over 90 seconds of play total.

16 Peaceable Kingdom Friends and Neighbors: The Helping Game Emotional Development Cooperative Game for Kids
Peaceable Kingdom macys.com

Even if your child doesn't live in the most diverse community, this board game will help them associate people of color in the same friendly way that they do with their actual friends and neighbors. 

Designed to help your child understand and build empathy, each player matches a helpful action to a need of a character on the board.

17 Learning Resources Puzzle Globe
learning resources kohls.com

Your kid may have the chance to travel the globe one day, but, in the meantime, this puzzle globe will satisfy their wanderlust. As your child fills in the continent puzzle pieces, they learn about the type of animals that live there and other unique facts about that area.

You can make it a bit more challenging by removing the continents' name labels. 

18 Musical Turtle Toy — English and Spanish Learning
iPlay, iLearn amazon.com
$29.99 (17% off)

This adorable turtle communicates in both Spanish and English, all while crawling away from your baby, dancing, shining lights, and playing music. Like the ASL blocks, this toy is a fun way to either introduce a new language or reinforce what's already being spoken at home.

19 Sushi Slicing Wooden Play Food Set
beeposh melissaanddoug.com

A large part of any culture is the delicious food that the people of that culture create. While it may come in different forms and flavors depending on the region of origin, sushi is a Japanese dish that is beloved by many.

This wooden play food set lets your kids make their own plate of rolls, try out chopsticks, and slice and dice using their wooden knife. The immersive imagination-based play will introduce your child to foods from another part of the world. 

20 I Am An Activist!: Coloring Book
I Am An Activist! amazon.com

Your tot is not quite old enough to lead a protest or speak to injustices on social media — however, it is never too early to teach them the importance of activism. As your kiddo adds colorful strokes throughout the book, they will engage with illustrations that display scenes of activism. Along the way, they will learn important terms like empathy, advocate, ally, and solidarity. 

Change happens on the backs of activists, and introducing the concept to a child who’s as young as 5 can give them the confidence to make a stand against injustice in the future. 

21 First 100 Words Bilingual
Priddy Books US amazon.com

Being bilingual is an incredible asset. While you may not be able to teach your child how to speak a totally different language without a tutor, this bilingual book is a great place to start.

22 Barbie Fashionistas Doll With Vitiligo
Barbie walmart.com

Vitiligo, a condition that causes a person to lose the pigment in parts of their skin, is fairly common and affects around 1% of the world. This means the chances of your own child meeting someone with this condition is pretty likely. Incorporating this beautiful Black Barbie with vitiligo into your kid's Barbie Dreamhouse clique will help them build awareness that will pay off big time in the future. 

In an effort to diversify their traditional Barbies, Mattel has introduced an entire line of dolls that embrace differences

23 Baby Ganesh Plush Toy
modi toys moditoys.com

Lord Ganesha is a popular Hindu mythology god who is known for his wisdom and great knowledge. For your kids who are into hearing retellings of mythological stories of the past, the tales of Ganesha will quickly become their favorite thing.  

This baby Ganesh plush is ridiculously soft and acts as the perfect addition to story time. You can even personalize it with your tot's name to make it extra special. With an ability to recite three Ganapati mantras, your little one will learn more about the popular deity while falling in love with his adventurous stories. 

24 A Day at the Barbershop Memory Game
Little Likes Kids amazon.com

The barbershop is a wonderful cultural staple in the Black community. Sort of like a rite of passage for young boys, this memory game harkens back to this important phase of growing up. 

Each of the 48 pieces features a barbershop accessory, like the foaming brush or little boy heading for his first cut. The object of the classic game is simple, but you can change it up by using the tiles as prompts to tell different stories. 

25 Black Panther Erik Killmonger Figure
Marvel amazon.com

Yes, even your tech-obsessed kiddo will get a kick out of this Killmonger figurine. With interchangeable accessories to add an extra layer of fun to imaginative play, your child will enjoy re-enacting their favorite scenes from the Black Panther film. 

26 Barbie Fashionistas Doll With Wheelchair
Barbie Walmart

A part of the Fashionista line, this Barbie is stylish and cool and happens to cruise on a neat pair of wheels. Millennial parents are trying to normalize adaptive devices and different abilities, and this Barbie is one step in that direction.

27 Beistle Fiesta Maracas (2-Pack)
Beistle amazon.com

Get ready for a jam session! Maracas, a traditional musical instrument that dates back to the indigenous Taino people of Puerto Rico, will be the source of sweet sounds in your home. The perfect size for tiny hands, your toddlers will love hearing the music that they create. 

28 Vicente Oak Wood Folding Mancala Board Game
Vicente amazon.com
$26.99 (46% off)

Dating back to thousands of years ago, mancala is a common game that is played in countries in Northern Africa and the Middle East. 

With a basic count-and-capture format, it is easy enough for the entire family to play. In this two-player game, each person takes turns distributing the marbles throughout the pits, collecting a single marble in the large slot on the end. The first person to collect all of the marbles wins!

29 SmartDealsPro Fish Prawn Shrimp Crab Chicken
Smartdealspro amazon.com

Better for kids 9 and up, Fish, Crab, Prawn, or “Hoo, Hey, How” is a dice game played in China and across the world. It involves taking bets on how the dice will fall.

Games don't have to be from a child's culture for them to love it, and this is a prime example of that. It is extremely fun and fast-paced, and it can be packed in a small bag, so it's easy to take while traveling. 

30 Floor Tom Drum for Kids
Ubblove amazon.com

This beautiful drum is styled with African animals in beautiful, bold colors. Your child will love playing their beats all day long with this drum, finding their own rhythm. 

31 ‘This is How We Do It’ by Matt Lamonthe
crate and barrel Amazon

As a kid, it can feel like the entire world lives the same way you do. This picture book will take your kids on a journey to see how other kids around the world live. From Italy all the way to Uganda and several countries in between, your child will have a better grasp of how other kids their age learn, live, and play.  

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