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The Best Gifts for Tea Lovers That’ll Warm Their Hearts This Holiday

These gifts measure up to their superb taste.

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Move over, coffee fans — tea lovers are a way more fun bunch for gift-giving. If your lucky gift recipient has adventurous taste, there's an abundance of teas, tisanes, gadgets, and other goodies to add to their cupboard. If they're a tea drinker that just likes what they like, getting them more of the same is always a solid option — or you can be daring and open up their palate to a whole new world of flavors with delicious blends and fun steeping tools.

If you're having trouble finding just the right unique gift for your Earl Grey enthusiast or oolong lover, let our guide lead the way. From gorgeous gift bundles and tea assortments to all of the kettles, infusers, and tools you'd need to create the perfect cup of tea, here are our 20 favorite gifts for tea lovers this holiday season for all budgets.

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Gift That Gives Back
Tea Drops Ultimate Tea Sampler
Tea Drops myteadrop.com

What are Tea Drops? They're one of the coolest tea innovations out there. Each Tea Drop is made up of finely ground caffeinated or herbal tea, and it completely dissolves in hot water without needing a teabag. This nine-tea sampler contains flavors like Thai Tea, Chocolate Earl Grey, and Sweet Peppermint, all pressed into cute shapes like stars, flowers, and hearts.

This BIPOC-owned brand has a lot of heart, too. With every box of tea sold, they donate the equivalent of a year's supply of clean water to the Thirst Project.

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Gorgeous Gooseneck Kettle
COSORI Electric Gooseneck Kettle
COSORI amazon.com

As far as we're concerned, this kettle is the perfect gift for tea lovers. It's powered by five preset temperature settings, so if they like drinking different types of tea, this model makes it easy to choose the best temperature for each kind. (And yes, there's also a preset temp for coffee.)

The kettle will beep three times when it’s ready, and if they’ve hit the “hold temp” button, it’ll stay right at that temperature for up to an hour before shutting off automatically. It’ll supply at least two mugs’ worth of piping-hot water for their daily cups.

A Caffeinated Countdown
DAVIDsTEA 24 Days of Tea
DAVIDsTEA davidstea.com

Are you gifting for someone who has a Frequent Steeper card at DAVIDsTEA? You can add this tea-rrific advent calendar to your cart and thank us later.

Comprised of a mix of 24 seasonal faves and classic blends, this annual calendar is a fan fave for its fabulous presentation and selection — each of the teas is loose-leaf and packaged inside of a cute little tin with the name and ingredients on it. 

For the Seltzer-Obsessed
SOUND Sparkling Organic Tea

If they love sparkling water almost as much as they love sipping iced tea, give them the gift of Sound. This variety pack of tea-infused, bubbly beverages comprises four unique flavors that they won't be able to find anywhere else: Sparkling yerba mate with hibiscus and citrus, anyone? 

We love that the taste of all of these certified-organic flavors is clean and refreshing without any unnecessary sweetness or artificial additives. 

For Bubble Tea Superfans
Harney & Sons Bubble Tea Set
Harney & Sons harney.com

Hands up if bubble tea, the delicious Taiwanese beverage, was your first steep into the wide world of tea. This Harney & Sons DIY kit gifts a bubble tea enthusiast the tea, reusable wide straws, tapioca pearls, and all of the instructions they need to make up their own batch at home. 

We love Harney & Sons' Paris and Milky Oolong teas, too. Both are subtly sweet but not sugary, making them a great bubble tea base.

Tea at the Right Temp
Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug
Ember amazon.com

Just like with coffee, it's a total bummer to spend all of your efforts preparing the perfect cup of tea, only for it to turn tepid the moment you turn your back. The Ember makes this a thing of the past!

The Ember is a mug with a built-in warmer that provides 80 minutes of tea toastiness before it shuts off automatically after 2 hours. The included coaster functions as its charger, and it can keep their brew warm for much longer. The Ember is also a smart device, so they can program to the temp they want via smartphone.

Pretty Sweet Gift
Brightland The Couplet Honey Set
Brightland brightland.co

If they are on team sweet tea, Brightland's new set of honey is the perfect addition to a cup of tea that needs something extra.

This set comprises California Honey and Kauai Honey, which are both raw and unfiltered varieties. California Honey brings the citrus notes, while Kauai Honey adds a bit more molasses-like depth.

The Hypebeast's Travel Mug
Fellow Carter Everywhere Travel Mug
Fellow amazon.com

When it comes to travel mugs, we have yet to find one more chic than Fellow's Carter Everywhere Mug. It's built to be leakproof, sweatproof, heatproof, and insulated to keep drinks hot for 12 hours (or cold for 24 hours).

When the top is unscrewed, it reveals a slim, tapered rim that mimics a wine glass, making for a more comfortable sipping experience than other mugs. It comes in seven colors and a 12- or 16-ounce version. 

Some reviewers do say that this mug may be tough for people with smaller hands or arthritis to hold, so keep your recipient in mind before you buy!

Quirky Little Teapot
The Qi Bloom Glass Teapot
The Qi the-qi.com

Looking for the most interesting-looking glass teapot to gift a blooming-tea lover? You have come to the right place.

The Qi's 6-inch-tall teapot is an absolutely gorgeous tabletop accessory with its wavy handle and nubby feet. It showcases the AAPI-owned brand's flowering lotus, rose, or chrysanthemum teas gorgeously, but it can be used to steep virtually any kind.

Take It To Go
Eco-Fil Disposable Tea Filter Bags
Aksuaple amazon.com

A forever-conundrum for tea lovers is wanting to sip their favorite loose-leaf on the go but not wanting to bring a metal strainer everywhere. The solution is simple: Getting them these disposable tea filter bags.

Available in a 100-pack, these affordable, single-use tea bags are made of wood pulp and cotton string, making them biodegradable and compost-friendly. Bundle this pack with one of the other tea sets on this list or with a big bag of their go-to loose leaf — this is the type of gift for tea lovers that they really want but would never get for themselves.

The Ultimate Tea Tasting
Sips By Joy of Tea Discovery Gift Card
Sips By

Sips By is a woman-owned tea subscription service that hooks up tea lovers with four new teas every single month, based on their unique taste preferences. So it's a surprise mix, but it'll always be a pleasant one.

As a gift, you can send 3, 6, 12, or 24 months' worth of tea! That's about enough to make 16 cups of tea per month (or well beyond that if they re-steep the bags — which they should!).

A Steep in the Right Direction
GROSCHE Aberdeen Tea Steeper
GROSCHE amazon.com

Make tea straining less of a strain with this reviewer-favorite product. Made of BPA-free, shatterproof, and heatproof Tritan plastic, it allows users to flip open the top, pour in their tea and hot water, and then allow it to steep.

When placed on top of their mug of choice, the strainer will release the tea inside, leaving the leaves behind for the next steep! It's easier to clean and less frustrating to use than leaky strainers, and depending on which model you get, it also makes a generous 17.7 or 34 ounces of tea at a time.

Best Care Package
MOUTH Positivi-Tea Box
MOUTH mouth.com

Leave it to the curation pros at MOUTH to deliver the perfect box of coziness to your tea lover. Sourced from small businesses, it includes a mix of caffeinated and herbal tea, along with honey and cute steeping accessories.

We also love that you can denote whether you want to send the bundle as-is or make it birthday- or seasonal-specific with a couple of extra goodies.

Infuse Your Brew
VIVA Infusion Floating Tea Strainer
Viva Scandinavia amazon.com

Here's a whole new take on the tea ball. While those traditional metal strainers get the job done, they can be the bane of a tea drinker's existence when that little chain falls into the cup, forcing them to fish it out of the hot tea.

That will never be a problem with this minimalist strainer! Its silicone top is filled with air, so once they start pouring tea on it, it'll float to the surface of the cup like a hot air balloon. When their steep is complete, they can grab it by its little tag to remove. 

Steep Around the Clock
Numi Organic Tea By Mood Gift Set
Numi amazon.com

No matter what time of day it is, we're always up for a cuppa. Now they can brew the perfect cup according to their mood with this Mood Gift Set from Numi Organic Tea. 

With selections like Moroccan Mint for a refreshing pick-me-up and calming Chamomile Lemon for relaxing before bedtime, this 40-bag assorted tea set makes a perfect and thoughtful gift for the ritualistic tea drinker. 

A Cup of Calm
Tea Forté Lotus Petite Presentation Box
Tea Forté amazon.com

This curated collection of tea satchels from Tea Forté includes 12 organic tea varieties, including Vanilla Pear, Orange Jasmine, Mountain Oolong, Darjeeling Quince, and Lemon Lavender. 

If you're looking for a mixture of both herbal and caffeinated teas, this chic variety pack makes a thoughtful gift for tea lovers.

For Those Who Like It Strong
Pure Zen Tea Tumbler with Infuser
Pure Zen amazon.com
$29.70 (27% off)

If you love to drink your tea on the go, this 13-ounce tea tumbler is the gift you need. With a built-in stainless steel infusion basket and dual flat lids both at the top and bottom for easy cleaning, this tea infuser is a practical gift for the tea drinker in your life.

A Tea-riffic Trio
Teapigs Best Sellers Variety Bundle
Teapigs amazon.com

Is there any better gift for tea lovers than tea? These teas are as adorable as they are delicious. This variety pack of best-selling teas includes Licorice and Peppermint, Chamomile Flowers, and their popular Everyday Brew (which is a tasty riff on English Breakfast tea).

Basic But Brilliant
Sweese Porcelain Tea Mug with Infuser and Lid
Sweese amazon.com

Anyone who loves freshly steeped loose-leaf tea will need a proper mug with an infuser and lid. This best-selling 15-ounce porcelain mug with built-in infuser comes in tons of fun colors like this turquoise hue, as well as navy, orange, and white. 

Gorgeous Greens
VAHDAM Assorted Green Tea Sampler
VAHDAM amazon.com

Gifting a friend who is green tea-obsessed? Check out this Himalayan green tea set from VADHAM featuring 10 luxurious blends. 

From Ayurvedic Rose Herbal Green Tea to Blue Mountain Nilgiri Green Tea, each of these loose-leaf green tea blends is fragrant, delicious, and delicate.

Love for Lattes
Chai Tea & Turmeric Concentrate
DONA Chai food52.com

This unique gift for tea lovers allows you to enjoy the quality of barista-brewed tea right in the comfort of your own home. Create creamy, perfectly spiced chai or turmeric lattes with this Brooklyn-based brand's pre-batched tea concentrates. It's a gift that's guaranteed to make your morning grind much easier (and more delicious).

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