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10 Wine Advent Calendars That Will Ensure Your Countdown to Christmas Is Lit

Have yourself a boozy little Christmas. ♫🍷

vinebox 12 nights of wine wonderland advent calendar 2021

The holiday season is right around the corner, which means, in our books anyway, that it’s time to choose wine Advent calendar to put a little booze into your Christmas countdown. While you probably have fond memories of cheery Advent calendars of your youth, often filled with festive chocolate and other sweet, innocent treats, we’re ready to take it up a notch. For something a little less traditional and a lot more boozy, you can snag one that’s filled with vino!

Instead of opening a paper door to find a small piece of candy, it’ll be much more satisfying to find a mini wine bottle. Better yet, since most of the calendars include a wide range of varieties, it’ll be a surprise that you can look forward to every day. We don’t necessarily need an excuse to do some sipping, but Advent calendars certainly help.

So, while those swans are a-swimmin’ and the geese are a-layin’ during the holidays, the wino you are or know can be a-drinkin’.

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1 In Good Taste Wine Advent Calendar
In Good Taste

From Dec. 1 through 24, you can cheers with a 187-milliliter (one glass) mini bottle of wine, thanks to In Good Taste. The 24-count Advent calendar has a healthy variety of vinos, including a Bordeaux, pinot gris, Syrah, and Riesling. So if you enjoy surprising your palette with different notes, you found the Advent calendar for you.

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2 VINEBOX 12 Nights of Wine ‘Wonderland’ Box

Innovative wine-by-the-glass company VINEBOX lets users count down to Christmas in style with their sleek and festive 12 Nights of Wine box. Their magical 2021 “Wonderland” wine box is one of the cutest we’ve seen so far.

With 12 curated glasses from the best wine regions of the world — think Italy, Spain, France, and more — you can sample your way through the holiday season. It also comes in an abstract box
to add bold colors to your sipping.

3 Give Them Beer Wine Advent Calendar 2021
Give Them Beer

We really can't think of anything more festive than a wine Advent calendar chock-full of 12 half-bottles of delicious whites, reds, and sparkling options.

It’s going to be a fun dozen days when you have Robert Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon, Josh Cellars Chardonnay, and Kim Crawford Rosé to look forward to. Yep, this variety pack of wine is guaranteed to get your holiday party buzzing — that is, if you plan on sharing.

4 Vintage Wine Estates 12 Wines Advent Calendar
Vintage Wine Estates

There’s something wonderful about cozying up with a glass of wine and turning on a Christmas movie. You can do that with Vintage Wine Estates’ Advent calendar — except since it includes 12 half-bottles, you can opt to have one glass each night leading up to Dec. 25 or indulge in two. 

We don’t want to spoil what to expect, but behind one door is Fireside Pinot Noir, and Laetitia Vineyards Moscato behind another.

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5 Give Them Beer Sparkling Wine Advent Calendar
Give Them Beer

While you can get Give Them Beer’s Wine Advent Calendar, which includes red, white, and sparkling options, this one is made for those who only want bubbly. The sparkling version includes 12 days of sparkling champagne from a variety of top wineries, including Ruffino and Chandon. 

Prepare for your days to be filled with brut, prosecco, rosé, and cuvée! This Advent calendar is also nice to keep around to enjoy around New Year’s Eve.

6 WSJwine 2021 World of Wine Advent Calendar

There’s no better time to raise a glass of vino than during the holidays, and with WSJwine’s Advent calendar, you can do just that every day through Christmas Eve. The rectangular box is filled with 24 quarter-bottles, which is one glass. There aren’t any repeats in it, so each day will include a different red, white, rosé, bubbly, and even port.

7 Wine Holiday Sweater Advent Calendar

As you’re rocking your ugliest holiday sweater, you can sip from your ugly sweater-themed wine Advent calendar. You won’t know what variety awaits you each day, but that’s what makes it fun! However, you can expect twelve 187-milliliter bottles, including varieties such as Moscato, pinot noir, syrah, rosé, and more. It’s a holly, jolly Christmas indeed.

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8 It’s the Most Wonderful Wine of the Year Wine Advent Calendar
Most Wonderful Wine

Every day is Christmas when you have a 24-day wine Advent calendar! With two dozen different varieties, you’ll be tasting vino from different regions across the U.S. The packaging on this box is particular appealing. It includes plaid designs and just makes us feel the spirit of an old-timey Christmas.

9 Holiday Spirits Wine Advent Calendar
Holiday Spirits Calendars amazon.com

Want to build your own Advent calendar, guaranteeing you have the exact type of wine that you love?  This customizable one features 12 doors that can fit 50-milliliter wine bottles or miniature liquor nips. Keep in mind that this is just the box, and you’ll have to handle filling it with the mini booze bottles yourself. 

10 Etsy Mini Wine Bottle Advent Calendar
Etsy Studio 29 Eleven

It’s another opportunity to design your own Advent calendar! This homemade tree-shaped calendar has 25 spots for you to fill with your favorite vino. Not only will it allow you to get just the type of bubbly you enjoy during the holidays, but it doubles as a cool piece to display in your home. Plus, it’ll last for years to come.

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