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10 Best Barbie Toys to Inspire Your Little Doll Lover’s Imagination

Yes, she got another job ... or three.

barbie hair styling toy

When I was growing up, Barbie was struggling. She was pretty outdated, and, sadly, it felt like she was destined to become a relic of the past. Fast forward to today, the Barbies my daughter played with as a child represented all races, body types, and abilities. Barbie is undoubtedly back — and she's bigger and more inclusive than ever.

It's no doubt that Mattel took a deep dive into their signature doll and made her and her pals, current, relevant, and not beholden to one unobtainable body size. This shift towards inclusivity changed the way that so many of us look at the brand for the better, which has undoubtedly helped boost her revival in the toy market.

Today, Barbie toys are incredibly popular — and with that popularity has come a whole world of new toys. Obviously, there are new Barbie dolls, but there are also new houses, new cars, and new play sets that will absolutely wow your kids.

No matter what your little Barbie fan is into, there is likely a Barbie set out there for them to enjoy. Here are the best Barbie toys out right now.

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Best Barbie Van
Barbie: Big City, Big Dreams Transforming Vehicle Playset
Barbie Walmart

It's the van I always dreamed of as a child. The Big City Big Dreams Barbie play set magically turns into a stage for Barbie and friends to perform upon, with seats, rum set, speaker and turntable, microphones, snacks, backstage passes, and iPhone accessories. Plus, it all stores right inside of the van, which makes a whole lot less mess for parents.

Barbies sold separately.

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Best New Job
Barbie Fast Cast Clinic Playset
Barbie amazon.com

Of course, after the last few years we've had, an Urgent Care Barbie makes sense. Dr. Barbie's whole clinic is ready to see patients give flu shots and maybe, just maybe, make the entire thing a little less scary and a lot more interesting for our kids when it's their time to hit up the clinic.

Most Creative
Barbie Deluxe 20-Piece Glitter and Go Styling Head
Barbie amazon.com
$30.99 (17% off)

I am absolutely in love with this new styling head Barbie toy. It’s serving real “I follow the trends, and hopefully, my tiny owner doesn’t shave my head” vibes, and I’m here for it.  

This Barbie toy comes with a ton of accessories, hairbrushes, combs, and styling tools to spark your small stylist’s creative flow.

Best Surprise Doll
Barbie Color Reveal Doll with 7 Surprises
Barbie amazon.com
$12.99 (13% off)

We regret to inform you that color reveal and surprise toys aren't going anywhere any time soon. Kids just love them way too much. With this Barbie toy, your little one simply dunks their doll in a bath of warm water to reveal her skin tone, eye color, and bodice. 

Barbie's color change dolls each come with seven surprises. Some dolls have fun skirts and earrings, some with hair accessories. The bottom line is that for under $15, your child isn't just getting a doll — they're getting an experience. 

Best Water Toy
Barbie Skipper Babysitters Inc. Dolls & Playset with Babysitting Skipper Doll
Barbie amazon.com

As you might recall from your childhood, Skipper is Barbie's cooler, funner sister — and because she's younger, her primary job is always babysitting. With this play set, both Skipper and her young charge are wearing color-changing bathing suits activated by cold water. The pool and floaties are included, so it's really the total package. 

Best Open-Ended Play
Barbie and Chelsea The Lost Birthday Playset
Barbie Walmart

Brand new for 2021, the Barbie and Chelsea “The Lost Birthday” play set is a fairly simple and sweet one, but it’s designed for fun, open-ended play with tons of room for artistic interpretation. Each play set comes with three circus animals, a stand, Barbie, and Chelsea.

Trendy and Stylish
Barbie Extra Doll #4
Barbie amazon.com

When a Barbie toy is labeled “extra,” it’s for good reason. She’s bold, she’s gorgeous, she has blue hair, two tiny pets, a skateboard, and hello! Check out her fit. Makeup is on point. Earrings for days. That jacket? Do they sell it in my size? The whole thing is just a riot.

Best STEM Barbie Toy
Mega Construx Barbie Malibu House, Building Toys for Kids
Mega amazon.com

There's just something so cool about being able to build your own Barbie house. It brings next-level STEM play to what's traditionally thought to be only an imaginative play item. This kit is affordable, comes with two mini-figures, and it's designed so that even 4 and 5-year-olds can put it together without much difficulty.

Best Art Toy
Barbie Be A Real Designer Tie Dye Toy
Tara Toys amazon.com

This kit makes tie-dye easy and with a Barbie twist! It comes with markers for dye, spray bottle, scrunchie, Barbie dresses, and more. Best of all, it's all washable, easy to clean, and oh, so creative. With everything that's included, your child will be whipping up their own fashions in no time. 

Whimsical Light-Up Fun
Barbie Dreamtopia Magical Lights Unicorn
Barbie amazon.com

When Barbie meets mystical creatures, pure magic happens. The light-up unicorn is sweet and positively explosive with fun, the rainbow hair on Barbie is silky and fun to play with, and the interactivity between the two will keep your children occupied for quite a while as they learn all of its ins and outs. 

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