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The Best Kids’ Halloween Costumes to Inspire Your Kiddo’s Creative Mind

Best costume award is OTW! 🏆

children halloween costume
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Halloween is the one time of year where your little one can dress like their favorite character, food, or animal while eating almost as much candy as they want and get away with it. For one day every year, kids get to spend an entire day dressed spooky, weird, or crazy — and we totally get why it's one of their favorite holidays!

From classic superheroes to the latest popular characters, we guarantee these Halloween costumes for kids will be a hit with your little one. Who knows — they might even get extra candy when they're trick-or-treating.

Shop for a Halloween costume for yourself while you're at it.

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Descendants Fun
Disguise — Mal from ‘The Descendants’
Disguise amazon.com

You won't have to explain who this blue-haired character is. Kids are obsessed with the Descendants films and are likely clamoring to claim the main character as their Halloween alter ego. This costume is super easy to execute and looks fun and cool.

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No Puppies Harmed
Cruella de Vil Costume
DJYLBV amazon.com

She's absolutely misunderstood. She's also absolutely evil and absolutely fun. Your little de Vil will love this Dalmatian-inspired costume so much, she might just leave the puppies alone.

Super Sweet
Milk and Cookie Children’s Costume
TheCostumeCafe etsy.com

Your baby has always been adorably edible to you, but now the whole world will see just how sweet they are. The sandwich board style costume is comfortable for your toddler or child to wear, and the milk hat? It's almost too much.

Creepy Cool
Kids Skelebone Costumes Halloween Costume
Besutolife amazon.com

There's a 100% chance your kid will sneak into your room in the middle of the night and stare at you from the end of your bed in their glow-in-the-dark skeleton costume. 

But that's childhood. Let them spook the neighborhood and get you those Snickers. 

Cute for Grandparent Bonding
Disguise — Russell from ‘Up’ Costume
Disguise amazon.com

Hear us out: Make their grandfather take them trick-or-treating. Give them one of those walkers that has a built-in seat. That way, you can sit on the porch (accidentally dressed as Mare from Mare of Eastown) and hand out candy, and your dad can eat tootsie rolls and record basically the whole thing. It's just like Up, only way less depressing. 

A Realist’s Costume
Children Starbucks Apron
GrizlyDesigns etsy.com

Admit it: Your kid knows your Starbucks order by heart, don’t they? My kids could say “venti iced coffee with soy and two pumps of brown sugar syrup and cinnamon powder” in their sleep. Now they can dress like them, too. And if they play their cards right, you might just go through the drive-through.

Practical and Warm
White Wolf Animal Hoods
HatButik. amazon.com

Throw this werewolf hood and hands on with a flannel and a pair of ripped jeans, and you're ready to go. We love this because it's one of those costumes that's simple, reusable, and if it snows on Halloween, they're already bundled up.

Fun Makeup Option
Disney — Sally from 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' Deluxe Girls' Costume
Disguise amazon.com

Arguably the star of the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas, Sally is such a darling costume choice. Between sweet-faced ragdoll and lovestruck monster, it's no wonder your kiddo wants to be her for Halloween.

For Some Hocus Pocus Fun
Fairytale Witch Girl's Costume
Disguise amazon.com

The eldest of the witchy trio, Winifred, is the spicy red-headed character from the Halloween classic movie Hocus Pocus. Transform your sweetie into this magic-wielding witch this Halloween.

You can really use any classic witch costume and focus on recreating that iconic updo and lippie. Add a cloak and a wicked flying broom to really complete the look.

LIttle Aerobic Star
Shiny Purple Short-Sleeve Leotard
Wenchoice walmart.com

One and two and three and four! Your energetic tot will be ready to lead her own Pilates class — or at least feel like she can — with this aerobics costume. Recreate this bright costume with a metallic leotard, a pair of tube socks, and the most '80s side pony that you can muster up.

Great Quality
Expeke — Girl's Gabby Gabby Yellow Dress
Expeke amazon.com

Toy Story seems to have been stealing the hearts of kids one generation at a time. One of the newer characters, a 1950s pull-string doll named Gabby Gabby, is the perfect costume for your little porcelain doll.

With a couple of oversized yellow bows, ruffle socks, and the most charming yellow polka-dot dress, the costume is complete.

Easy Peasy
Disney Maleficent Costume for Girls
Disney amazon.com

Satisfyingly evil, Maleficent is the queen of all things horrifying in the mystical fairytale world. Despite being the ruler of the dark, your cheerful babe will add just enough brightness to this ghoulish costume.

A Classic Costume
Disguise — Disney Pixar Jessie from ‘Toy Story 2’ Classic Girls’ Costume
Disguise macys.com

In Toy Story 2, Jessie proved that girls can hang with the rest of the cowboys and hold their own. Your adventurous little one will be ready to giddy-up to collect her candy in this adorable costume.

Boogie Fever
'70s Disco Fever Boys Costume
Deluxe Standard halloweencostumes.com

It's time to boogie on down and collect some spooky treats from these jive turkeys in this totally '70s disco suit. Your little star will shine so brightly that you won't even need a disco ball.

Honestly Stylish
Fort Workwear Kids’ Coveralls
Fort Workwear amazon.com

This is such a fun costume, and much like Gwyneth Paltrow, kids love a coverall. Plus, it’s good to have around when your kids want to “help” you paint.

Not Hopeless
Boys' American Patriot Costume
California Costumes amazon.com

Pardon me, are you Aaron Burr, sir? 

Your kids won't throw away their shot with this revolutionary costume. Your junior-sized Hamilton fan will go all-in on this costume, and you can sing the entire cast recording to them as they walk. 

Cute Toddler Costume
Baby Plush Snail Halloween Costume
Hyde & Eek amazon.com

We understand how ridiculous this looks, and that's why it's amazing. It's a puffy snail costume, and they have two little antennae. It's silly, and it gives you an excuse to trick or treat very, very slowly. Great for kids with pregnant parents. 

Fun Retro
Rainbow Brite Costume
Fun Costumes amazon.com

Our kids are all too young to remember the original Rainbow Brite, but that's no reason to rob them of the ROYGBV joy, is it?

Plus, there's a ton of Rainbow Brite content on YouTube that they know all about and you know nothing about. 

A Sheer Delight
LYSMuch Toddler Baby Boy Tattoo Sleeve
LYSMuch amazon.com
$6.99 (53% off)

There should be more opportunities than just Halloween to get your kid to dress up like a biker — or like every third millennial. Whatever. What we're saying is that kids with tattoos are funny, and we love them.  

Lots of Potential
Flappy Suit One-Piece
Costume Agent amazon.com

This costume is made instantly better with the addition of vampire teeth and a little fake blood. Sorry, we don't make the rules, Monty Python does. 

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