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The Best Shoe Cabinets to Organize Your Collection Once and for All

Keep those kicks from taking over your closet.

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When your shoe collection starts taking over your entire closet, it may be time to invest in a smart organization strategy. When just one rack isn't enough, you'll want to get a shoe cabinet to help keep things tidy and out of the way.

Most shoe cabinets look just like any regular storage cabinet or side table at home, but their interiors are designed to hold multiple pairs in their own cubbies or at an angle to take up less floor space. For those with truly huge shoe collections, though, open shelving is typically the most practical way to store everything — because at that point, you just want to show them off, don’t you?

The Best Shoe Cabinets

What to Consider

Your most important considerations for choosing a shoe cabinet are the size of your collection and the space you have in your home to store them. These shoe cabinets are all freestanding pieces that you could place in an entryway, in your bedroom, or inside of a closet.

If you have a small collection of shoes that you typically wear all the time, you can get away with bench-style storage or with stashing them in a cabinet that can also double as an entryway console for double the usage. But we also took the stiletto- and sneakerheads into consideration, too, whose collections tend to be pretty huge. There are options here for extra-large or flexible shoe storage that better protect your prized pairs from dust while still looking good.

Here are 10 shoe cabinets that seamlessly provide storage and style (along with some extra sanity!) for your home.

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Small and Sleek
Mabel Home Modern Shoe Cabinet
Mabel Home amazon.com

Key Specs

  • Dimensions (length/depth/height): 20x6x41 inches
  • Available colors: 1

This simple metal shoe cabinet is a great, understated piece that holds roughly six pairs of shoes at a time (but reviewers have managed to squeeze in many more). It stores them vertically, allowing you to open up any of the hinged drawers and slip the shoes out. 

This storage method also is a space saver — this cabinet has a very narrow 6-inch depth — but it really needs to be mounted to a wall to prevent it from tipping.

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Sophisticated and Chic
CosmoLiving by Cosmopolitan Brielle Shoe Storage Cabinet
CosmoLiving by Cosmopolitan wayfair.com

Key Specs

  • Dimensions: 33x10x43 inches
  • Available colors: 2

A lot of shoe cabinets are pretty simple-looking, which may be exactly what you want! But if style is of utmost importance, check out this chic option from CosmoLiving.

Available in a gray or white option, it showcases geometric legs and a shallow shelf on the bottom level, and its two drawers have room for roughly 12 pairs of shoes total.

You'll want some help in putting this together, reviewers say, but the end result is pretty fabulous.

For the Sneakerheads
Ohuhu 6-Pack Shoe Box Storage Containers
Ohuhu amazon.com

Key Specs

  • Dimensions (per box): 11x14x8 inches
  • Available colors: 1

This may not be a true shoe cabinet, but it is far more suited to people who like to see their shoes on display — and also those who sport a larger sneaker size

These translucent shoe boxes can be stacked securely on top of each other in any configuration, and each plastic box has its own front-opening door for easy access. These boxes are over 14 inches deep and 11 inches wide. Reviewers who wear between a men's size 9 and 15 say that their shoes can actually fit in here.

This set is a bit of an investment if you have an enormous collection to house, but the quality and flexibility are worth it!

2-in-1 Bench Storage
Safavieh Freddy Brown Wicker Storage Bench
Safavieh amazon.com

Key Specs

  • Dimensions: 34x16x20 inches
  • Available colors: 6

Naturally, the best place to store your favorite shoes is right where you'd put them on before leaving the house, right? 

This entryway storage bench offers a roomy, canvas-covered seat that holds two cube-shaped storage bins underneath. You won't be able to line your shoes up neatly here, but if the 2-in-1 functionality is more important than linear display, this is an aesthetically pleasing choice.

For Large Collections
KOUSI Portable Shoe Rack Organizer
KOUSI amazon.com

Key Specs

  • Dimensions: 64x12x72 inches
  • Available colors: 1

Serious shoe lovers, look no further. This shoe cabinet comes in five different fixed sizes, all with a 12-inch depth. But if what you need is truly a wall of shoes, this 64x72-inch organizer is perfect.

Comprised of 48 grids hidden by 24 flip-front doors, each one of the grids can hold four pairs of shoes each. Meaning, you can fit 96 pairs in this massive shoe cabinet! 

Even if this storage solution isn't cheap, it is an incredible value compared to other large-scale shoe storage options. Reviewers say that assembling it is a project, but well worth the time and effort for a reliable place to store your seemingly endless pairs of shoes.

Rustic and Refined
Wholesale Interiors 25-Pair Shoe Storage Cabinet
Wholesale Interiors wayfair.com

Key Specs

  • Dimensions: 47x13x41 inches
  • Available colors: 2

Once your shoe collection reaches 25 pairs, you can no longer just stack them in the back of your closet and hope for the best. This shoe storage cabinet comes in either a dark or light brown woodgrain and gives everything a neat little stowing spot.

Five small cubbies are exposed, while 10 larger shelves are hidden behind the cabinet doors. It's also over 13 inches deep, so you shouldn't have a problem stowing large-size shoes in here. Reviewers do say that assembly is somewhat challenging, so have your helpers on hand.

Most Versatile
Highland Dunes Morgan 20-Pair Shoe Storage
Highland Dunes wayfair.com

Key Specs

  • Dimensions: 32x14x43 inches
  • Available colors: 1

We like that this little cabinet looks like it could really hold anything. Its white wooden slats make it a total design chameleon. 

It has five shelves with no defined cubbies, so the amount of shoes you can store in here is completely flexible — upwards of 10 pairs at least. Whether as an entryway storage cabinet or a bedroom vanity, its low-profile height allows you plenty of space up top for extra storage or a decorative display.

Simple Shutters
Baxton StudioStudio Coolidge Shoe-Storage Cabinet
Baxton Studio amazon.com

Key Specs

  • Dimensions: 30x15x28 inches
  • Available colors: 1

This shoe cabinet doubles as a handsome entryway console, outfitted with two shuttered doors in a matte charcoal-gray hue. Each side has four levels of interior storage for stashing away your family's entire shoe collection.

Tons of Cubbies
Prepac 36-Shoe Storage Cabinet
Prepac amazon.com

Key Specs

  • Dimensions: 24x13x73 inches
  • Available colors: 4

Ideal for the entryway or mudroom, this cubby cabinet features an open design, so you can see exactly where your favorite pairs are. It holds a whopping 36 pairs of sneakers, flats, and pumps. 

It comes in a number of different colors and sizes — it even has the option to add on a matching shoe bench for a more cohesive look.

Adjustable Shelves
SONGMICS 10-Tier Shoe Rack
SONGMICS amazon.com

Key Specs

  • Dimensions: 35x11x63 inches
  • Available colors: 4

For those who have a little more closet space to spare, this fabric-covered shoe rack (available in four different colors) is a perfect addition to help keep an ample amount of shoes hidden away and free of dust. You can even modify the shelf placement to store taller pairs of boots and heels in here as well.

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