Every year, our team tests out thousands of products, from the latest tech gadgets to the newest fitness equipment to the hottest toys that'll keep your kids entertained. Some products don't make the cut, some make it into our heavily researched and tested buying guides, a few are so significant they demand their own feature, and then the real winners make it into our annual Best of the Best list.

We asked our editors to re-research the products they've used this past year and select their favorites — the ones that lived up to their hype, revamped a tired product category, started an entirely new product category, or made their life easier (which was especially important for everyone during this crazy time).

Here, we've highlighted the products that our team of editors simply can't live without in five distinct categories — home and appliances, tech, beauty and fashion, fitness, and family. Browse our 2021 Best of the Best list now, and get some holiday shopping ideas while you're at it!

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